about Us

We all know that that if we take care of ourselves we have more to give to the rest of the world, Right?!

Sometimes that’s easier said than done though so we’re always on the lookout for things that are good for us that doesn’t break the bank and has a positive impact on our overall well-being.

Several years ago while in Colorado, I (Sandy) stumbled upon a small shop where I was destined to discover some handmade soap. One try and I knew immediately that this needs to be shared with the world!


I loved how it felt on my skin and loved the immediate therapeutic and emotional benefits the essential oils provided! Imagine stepping out of the shower feeling relaxed and energized all at the same time.

After sharing my new found gem with a few close friends, a few of us partnered up to start experimenting with several organic soap recipes and essential oil blends that provides good cleansing properties along with lasting health benefits and an intense aromatherapy treatment! Our creations were an immediate hit and Simply Organic Soap was born!


It’s just good. clean. fun.

good. You gotta feel good – Get the physical and emotional benefits of essential oils right from your tub or shower. Step out of shower ready to face the day or wind down for a great night’s rest without breaking the bank!

clean. You gotta get clean – Organic base oils are used to give you exceptional cleansing properties while leaving your skin glowing and hydrated!

fun. You gotta have fun – You get to have fun trying different aromatherapy scents and skin treatments anytime you want and We get to have a blast creating these amazing soaps and bath products!

Meet the Makers

Ex-Neighbors and BFFs from North Dallas!

Sandy, Erin & Nancy 


At Simply Organic Soap, we’re self-proclaimed crazy people who run marathons, do yoga (albeit not very well) as well as work in the professional world of businesses, we love the outdoors while at the same time love a great pampering treatment at a high end spa and a top shelf cocktail!

We make our unique handcrafted soaps, lotion bars and other bath products in the Dallas area. We also have a great spot out in East Texas where we are growing lavender and other plants and will also be harvesting honey and bees wax from a family of local bees on property! Our skills as engineers, business executives and people who appreciate the well deserved spa experience are used everyday to create something that will give you all the benefits of hydrating organic base oils and intense long lasting benefits of Essential Oil Therapy!

We are lucky enough to hang with some incredibly talented individuals who will work for Soap, Wine & sometimes even Tequila! (And an occasional paycheck!)

The Unofficial Board of Directors

These awesome individuals keep us rolling in the right direction!

Brittany, Haley S., Michelle, Rita, Terry, Bill, Josh, Gwen, Billy & Haley E.

Their expertise cover the gamut from sales, photography, design, heavy lifting, accounting and legal stuff to make sure you get only the best products!

The Ones with the Titles …


VP of Operations Austin – He keeps production on a roll!

VP of Logistics – Zack – Raw material and inventory management is his specialty!

Director of the OSS (Organic Soap Sales) – Jacob – He’s our Marketing & Delivery guru extraordinaire!

All of us at Simply Organic Soap thank you for visiting our page and we hope that you enjoy our soaps, lotions bars and 

other bath products as much we enjoy making them for you!

It’s just good. clean. fun.


good. clean. fun., LLC
Richardson, TX