Glycerin – What is It & is it in Our Soap?
By Sandy Palisch


Glycerin is a humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture on your skin. It’s like a natural moisturizer for your skin. And its not greasy, so it great for all skin types. The good news is that Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the Cold Soap Making Process used at Simply Organic Soap and is, by default, in our all our handcrafted, small batch soaps!

Many people are surprised at how good their skin feel after using one of our soaps in the shower and ask “What are you putting in there to make it so amazing?” The real question should be what are we NOT taking out? The Answer – Glycerin!

Many big soap manufacturers remove the glycerin from their synthetic and detergent based soaps and sell it to ot...

My Trigger - Peppermint!
By Sandy Palisch

I have heard that everyone has a trigger smell or taste, apparently mine is peppermint. Anytime we use peppermint essential oil in our products (no matter which one), I am taken to an immediate place of relaxation. This might not make sense to some as it is known for its ability to pep you up – that is the technical way of saying it I am sure – but for me, it is relaxing. In fact, right now I am drinking peppermint tea and am taken back to a relaxing time when we were in the kitchen hanging out (drinking wine and eating) after a long day of soap making. Yes, our soaps clean and hydrate, but they also might take you on a journey, embrace it and have good clean fun!

Baby, It's Cold Outside
By Sandy Palisch


Not everyone likes all four seasons or really, the cold, however, unless you live on a beach somewhere, you are going to experience it at some point during the year. Full disclosure, this is Erin & I do embrace and love the cold so I am biased to the current weather in Texas.

Behind the curtain with Sandy & Erin - we won’t let you be a chicken
By Sandy Palisch

Erin here - time to lift the curtain on one of our processes, holiday soap blend selections.

Today, after a lemongrass flower soap making session, we sat down to determine our holiday soap blends. Do we go fruity (grapefruit, lemon)? Do we go spicy (rosemary, spearmint)? Do we go subtle (lavender, eucalyptus)? Our promise to you is that we will never make a soap that we wouldn’t use ourselves, today, we stuck to that promise.

We have a trio of holiday essential old blends; the peppermint fir needle and cinnamon orange clove are the regulars, the third is our rotation spot. For that third spot, the suggestion of a sage essential oil came up. Now, Sandy and I are not only business partners, we are best friends so without thought ...

Meet the Maker: Simply Organic Soap
By Franz Locsin

Our vendors are rock stars. Case in point: Simply Organic Soap, a Texas apothecary line founded by former fighter jet designer Sandy Palisch.

In 2013, the mom of three boys fell in love with organic soap while vacationing in Breckinridge, Colorado. After her stash of souvenirs ran out, she decided to take matters into her own hands and engineer something organic that created a similar spa-like user experience.

The company officially launched in 2016 and now offers a dozen scents of handcrafted healthy soaps as well as lotion bars, bath bombs and salts and even cedar soap dishes handmade by a Houston woodworker. Today Sandy runs operations with Erin Reilly and some help from her son Austin; the three juggle everything from production and mi...



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